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The Southside Games Festival is back in 2023. From golfing skeletons and giants made of clay to highland adventures and playable pop-up books. There's something for everyone.

Experience it wholesale on 23rd August, 7pm till 10.30pm at The Glad Cafe. Tickets available online or on the door, £5 or pay what you can.

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Dungeon Golf

Ant Workshop Edinburgh

A good walk. Spoiled. By skeletons. That's right you can play golf with your friends, in a dungeon. Play an early preview of this madcap golfing party game.

Dungeon Golf screenshot

Lowtek Light Book

Lowtek Games Dundee

A one-of-a-kind playable popup-book that let's you control a character jumping across the pages. The hand-crafted book responds as you flip through each scene as the levels in the game are magically mapped to each fold of cardboard.


Jack King-Spooner Edinburgh

Psychadelic claymation folktale are three words you probably weren't expecting. Melt your eyes, heart, mind and maybe even some plasticine in this epic tale from the depths of Scottish folklore.


Amicable Animal Edinburgh

Vintage sythesizer-cum-puzzle game by Bafta award winning creator of SOLAS128. Challenge your mind and your ears.

CRT7 screenshot


Sad Owl Studios Edinburgh

Perspective mangling puzzle adventure. This game has been taking the internet by storm with its impossible scenes and unique mechanic allowing you to walk inside photographs.

A Highland Song

Inkle Cambridge

Hearfelt story of a girl travelling across the Scottish Highlands. Get a rare preview of this upcoming narrative platformer from the acclaimed Inkle Studios.

A Highland Song

Gameboy Glasgow

Ben Glasgow

Glasgow through the lens of a gameboy. Stunning 8-bit images from local photographer Ben.

Glasgow subway photo in 8-bit gameboy style


Swatpaz Glasgow

The spiciest streamer in Scotland. Like Dennis the Menace for Zoomers, this troublesome videogame fan gets up to all sorts of mischief in Swatpaz's animated series.

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Here are some photos from last years festival, to widen your eyes.